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About Us

About was created to help people use technology and personalized service to locate private disability insurance that will provide an income if a person happens to become disabled. It allows a person to use online resources to obtain information and to request quotes directly from agents of the most reputable disability insurance companies. does not provide the quotes. Insurance regulations stipulate that only licensed agents/agencies can provide quotes. We simply help you locate the company or agent best suited to your needs.

Guests on our site want reasonable rates and an easy-to-understand disability insurance policy. This is accomplished first by completing our user friendly form. The confidential information is then used to search or participating network, locating the best companies and most suitable products in their area.

A customer will receive communication from an agent, by either phone or email who will be able to provide a no-obligation quote. Usually this will occur within 24 hours.

Understanding Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is often considered the "missing piece" for younger families. You depend on health insurance to pay your medical bills, and life insurance to pay the expenses in the event of your death, but if you suffer an illness or accident that leads to a long period of time out of work, you risk losing the job that pays your health and life insurance, not to mention all of your other bills. Larger companies often provide "long term disability" to employees; this is group insurance which can last as little as a few months or as long as 2 to 4 years. It does provide a portion of your income for as long as it lasts.

Private disability insurance is sometimes called "income replacement" insurance because it replaces a portion of your income when you become unable to perform your regular job. Unlike Social Security Disability, a good private disability policy will not require you to be completely disabled to the point that you cannot perform any "gainful" occupation. You may be able to collect while working part time; you may also be able to train for a different job—one that you can perform in spite of a disability. Of course, once you obtain a new job, the disability checks will stop.

Like other forms of health insurance, disability income policies have numerous variables which can be manipulated for the best possible price. The premium is determined by your health, age and the danger classification of your job along with a deductible and a benefit period. While the danger classification table has been developed by the federal government, the language used by different companies is not standardized. Therefore, after making a quote request, it is important to work with a local professional who can explain every term of the policy and answer any questions. You can, however, do a little advance homework by perusing our website and learning what to look for in a good policy. Write down any questions you have both before and after the purchase; also, write down the answers or highlight them in the policy. You be glad you did if you have to use the policy and discover that you have forgotten specific details of how it works.

Online services are convenient tools that bring together professionals and customers. Our services have saved hundreds of dollars for many shoppers of disability insurance plans. Get started today by filling out or easy online quote request.