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Learn about disability insurance and the protection you may have on the job that many people misinterpret as disability insurance. Sick leave is often though of as "short term disability" while those who have coverage for 2 months to two years think they have "long term disability." Protect yourself by understanding the terms and choosing privately owned disability insurance.

Three basic types of disability
Being disabled to the extent that you are eligible for Social Security Disability and simply being unable to perform your regular job are two completely different conditions. This online resource for smart buyers defines three types of disability insurance and provides information about things to look for in an individual disability plan. Also, check out the handy "FAQs" page that will answer questions like "how long will a disability plan last?" and "why can't I just depend on Social Security?"

Individual disability
If you are searching for individual disability insurance, here is an online guide to help you "know before you buy." Find out when you should consider buying disability insurance along with questions you should ask of any company before purchasing their policy. Also learn how to check out the company itself so you can be sure you get a policy that will be there when you need it.

Disability FAQs answers the most common questions that people usually have about disability insurance. Learn how far you can depend on the disability on the job, whether you can rely on Social Security, and why you need disability insurance even if you have great health insurance. Some policies will allow you to work part time, and many will waive your premium while you draw benefits. Also explained is the importance and value of working with an agent rather than just purchasing something via mail order and hoping you have what you need.

What to look for in a policy
Learn the terms and features of a good disability insurance policy. Demystify the benefit itself along with terms such as waiting period, premium waiver, renewability, return of premium, benefit period, presumptive disability, and more. Most disability policies will also have optional riders such as cost of living increases and Social Security replacement riders. Also, learn what conditions may be excluded from most policies such as disability resulting from a criminal action or an act of war.

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Agents can fill out an easy form and register to receive exclusive sales leads. Available products include annuities, disability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance and retirement plans.